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iA Writer

Take a look at iA Writer for Mac, it's the simplest word processor I've ever seen on a computer. Since I bought this application, I have truly been able to focus on my writing better. it's only been a few days, but I suggest you check this one out. It's incredibly simple, clever and a pleasue.

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A Week of Full Time Internet Writing

One of The Fam's favorite sources of inspiration, Margot Harrington's Pitch Design Union, has taken it upon herself to dedicate an entire week to focus souly on internet writting and she need's our help. Read the post and leavea a comment here.

Of course we all know this is easier said than done so she is asking for any and all input that she can get. Ideas, praise, ways to keep her focused, abstract and conceptual writting concepts, the whole nine. Anything you can thing of, she want's to hear about it. AND she is asking for this not only in her comments but through Skype, iChat, Twitter, email and so on. So get over there and help one of Chicago's best online curators stay in check!