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Eli Keszler / Reading Lampo

For this very special evening Lampo and The Post Family happily welcome Eli Keszler, as he performs solo percussion and creates a gallery installation that becomes part of the performance. Come early and stay late to view "Reading Lampo," an exhibition of Lampo design, posters past and other selections from our 15-year archive of printed matter. See event listing for more detail.

FREE. Please RSVP.

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Typeforce 3

Be sure to drop by Typeforce tonight. Guaranteed radness.

At Co-Pros

3219 S Morgan St in Bridgeport


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SEEK 2011 design conference

Have an occasion to visit Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL this Saturday? Why not swing by the 2011 SEEK design conference! The Family will be presenting alongside the likes of Debbie Millman, Bob Faust, Thirst and Plural.

There, now you've got a reason.

Northern Illinois University
Jack Arends Hall – Art Building
Gilbert Road
DeKalb, IL 60115

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National Forest

Justin Krietemeyer and Steven Harrington of National Forest have been jamming out crazy-inspiring work for years. In a world where art all-too-often exists as residue of negative energy (insert corny emo song here), we couldn't help but take the time to chat with the overlords of optimism about collaboration, running their design shop and making work that consistently beams good vibes and high fives for all.

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The Closing of Collections

It's your last chance to see our Collections show with us in the building during our closing event on Sunday, August 21st  2011 from 3-6pm at Chicago Urban Arts Society. And, 4pm there will be a panel discussion and Q&A session with the artists US along with a surprise guest moderator. It may even be a surprise to us! Good times. Show still up until the 27th.


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Le Container

We haven't been posting much in our blog lately. But, I've been pretty obsessed with this one.

via David

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Mike McQuade new digs

Mike McQuade has a new site and it's lovely. No suprises here. What a fucking talent this guy is.


"Plugg" is a prototype DAB radio made by Skrekkøgle, investigating physical and metaphorical interaction with electronic devices." 

via Benny

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Snow Fall

Hands down the best digital article in a newspaper I have ever seen. A beautiful sad story told in a way that really truly embodies what technology can do. Bravo, New York Times.

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Strand + Rebuilding Exchange

Our lovely friends Strand Design has partnered up with RX Made a program out of one of our favorite Chicago places the Rebuilding Exchange. RX Made is a job training program that reclaims building desconstruction and a vast array of materials that are just planned to be thrown and turns the salvaged materials into beautiful locally made work. Strand has designed a fantastic line of benches, clocks, shelving and more they designed just for this project.

They are kickstarting this project and need your help. So you should go on and give'm your support.

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Great Tumblr exploring rustic and warm themes in architecture, fashion and design. 

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The NEW Noun Project

Check out brother Scott's amazing new Noun Project! Lots of great new features and content!

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Pentagram 40

So, there's this design firm called like, Pentagram, or something. Well, they like turned 40 this year and like made 40 posters celebrate that they are old.

Some of these posters are really quite nice, and others are just ok. I love that Pentagram can pretty much do whatever they want. Ain't no one questioning 40 years of iconic design. I still think Abbott Miller is the best partner. I think Eddie is also pretty rad.

Check it.