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A New Desktime

After a lot of hard work I'm excited to announce the new redesigned Desktime is live! And we think it's a looker.

Desktime is a tool that makes it easy as hell to find amazing workspaces all over the world. In addition to finding new space Desktime has also built the first tool online to help you manage that extra space allowing you to quickly and simply bill, schedule and manage the space, so all you have to do worry about is building a community and making some extra cash on the side.

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In the spirit of artistic collaboration, The Coop and Gapers Block teamed up to produce 8x8, an experiment in writing and design. Eight Chicagoland designers were paired with eight local writers to create collaborative works, with text informing and influencing art and vice versa. The results of this experiment are presented in limited edition poster form, with writing and design back to back.

Writers & Artist include: Patrick Somerville, Claire Zulkey, Ramsin Canon, Kevin Guilfoile, William Shunn, Veronica Bond, Wendy McClure, Scott Smith,  Jesse Hora, Andy Luce, Chad Kouri, Ina Weise, Letterform, Ryan Sievert, Paul Octavious, Kyle Fletcher

Friday, May 18, 2012, 6-10PM
The Coop- 230 W Superior St, 2F

Proceeds benefit Open Books

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New Coop Site

The Coop is growing and we just redid the website. Checkout our new website and if you are in our fair city come check out our space!

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Coworking Social

If you are in town this Friday. Come to The Coop's Coworking Social!

This Friday, December 16, 2011 from 6:30 until 11pm or so.... We’re kicking off our fun, old-fashioned family holidays with a celebration to giving, coworking, eating and kissing under the mistletoe at The Coop!

Desktime, The Coop, Uber and Refresh Chicago honor our holiday festivities inviting you to our first-ever Coworking Social & Toy Drive.

Also, we’ll collect toys in the Uber sleigh; each guest bringing a toy will receive $10 worth of Uber credits to use whenever, wherever, with whoever. All toys will be donated through WGN’s Morning News Drive-Thru Toy Drive, benefiting Jennifer Hudson’s Julian D. King Gift Foundation. Hope to see you there!

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Downtown at The Coop

With great pleasure The Coop presents "Downtown," the first show at our new space. The Coop offers Chicago's young artists — typically relegated to artist-run and other independent spaces — their time in the prestigious River North gallery district. The artists' work is affordable and accessible, celebrating the arts and culture of our city from all walks of life.

Featuring The Post Family's very own Alex Fuller, Rod Hunting, David Sieren and some of our friends Margot Harrington, Linsey Burritt, Crystal Grover, Mike McQuade, Jesse Hora, Delicious Design League, Andy Luce, Stephanie Bassos,  Plural and friends.

The Coop. 230 W Superior St, 2F in Chicago

August 4th, 5-11PM

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Desktime is in NYC

With great pleasure I'd like to announce that we've introduced Desktime in New York City. Desktime pairs people with workspaces by the day, week and month. We started in Chicago and Austin and we'll be expanding to more cities soon! Take a look.


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Desktime took a closer look at a few of Chicago’s shared spaces to listen in on what the renters had to say. We interviewed members from each location to get a better understanding of the benefits they experience from coworking.  This video was produced by Gus Gavino of middle mind project, and features original audio by Jeremiah Chiu

The Owners

Desktime toured six spaces in Chicago and sat down to interview the owners.

We wanted to hear their unique perspective on the coworking movement. Wanted to know why, and how, they became involved. This video, The Owners, is just a slice of what we saw… Enjoy, and happy coworking!

Thisshort was produced by Gus Gavino of middle mind project with original music by Jay Esangga.

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Amit Gupta Needs You

Time for your good deed of the day. A few weeks ago Amit Gupta, the founder of Jelly, was diagnosed with leukemia. He's been undergoing chemotherapy, but in order to maximize his chance for survival he needs a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, there aren't enough people in the registry, and there is a severe shortage in the Indian and South Asian community. In fact, over half the people never find a match.

I've never met Amit but it's been reiterated that he's a pretty cool dude that has helped touched the lives of thousands of us.  I'd like to pass on this message and hopefully we can help find Amit a match. Which is why we need your help to save Amit's life by taking a  free test that takes about five minutes. You take a Q-tip, stick  it in your mouth and spin it around. It's simple and painless,  and you can do it from your home.

1. Request a test online:
2. Forward this email to your Indian friends. 

Unfortunalty time is running out: Amit needs a transfusion by the end of  the month, so we need your help right away! Check out this link to learn more.

And now a word from our sponsors