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In the spirit of artistic collaboration, The Coop and Gapers Block teamed up to produce 8x8, an experiment in writing and design. Eight Chicagoland designers were paired with eight local writers to create collaborative works, with text informing and influencing art and vice versa. The results of this experiment are presented in limited edition poster form, with writing and design back to back.

Writers & Artist include: Patrick Somerville, Claire Zulkey, Ramsin Canon, Kevin Guilfoile, William Shunn, Veronica Bond, Wendy McClure, Scott Smith,  Jesse Hora, Andy Luce, Chad Kouri, Ina Weise, Letterform, Ryan Sievert, Paul Octavious, Kyle Fletcher

Friday, May 18, 2012, 6-10PM
The Coop- 230 W Superior St, 2F

Proceeds benefit Open Books


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Limited Edition 2012 Poster Calendar

I'm really digging this new calendar collaboration between Debbie and Dante Carlos with art contributions by Davin Youngs (Chicago), Jinjoo Hwang (Los Angeles), Jonás Romo (Mexico) and Jacinta Moore (Australia). 

Grab one here!