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Downtown at The Coop

With great pleasure The Coop presents "Downtown," the first show at our new space. The Coop offers Chicago's young artists — typically relegated to artist-run and other independent spaces — their time in the prestigious River North gallery district. The artists' work is affordable and accessible, celebrating the arts and culture of our city from all walks of life.

Featuring The Post Family's very own Alex Fuller, Rod Hunting, David Sieren and some of our friends Margot Harrington, Linsey Burritt, Crystal Grover, Mike McQuade, Jesse Hora, Delicious Design League, Andy Luce, Stephanie Bassos,  Plural and friends.

The Coop. 230 W Superior St, 2F in Chicago

August 4th, 5-11PM


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Mike McQuade new digs

Mike McQuade has a new site and it's lovely. No suprises here. What a fucking talent this guy is.

In the Neck of Time

I was recently in Paris and was fortunate to meet a fantastic artist named Pauline Thomas. Pauline runs a ridiculously amazing coworking space called Le Laptop. She has a few really interesting projects on her site, but I was especially fond of this photos series of necks.

Lawrence Weiner

I hadn't seen this video on Lawrence Weiner by the late Hillman Curtis before and our friends at Studio in the Sun sent it our way!

And now a word from our sponsors

‘Tis The Spring

Our amazingly talented buddy Andy Luce's friend Scott Visk wanted to shoot a painting from start to finish, from raw canvas to completed piece. The result was 'Tis the Spring.

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Matthew Hoffman Kills

Our dear friend Mr. Matthew Hoffman has a publicity problem and is currently trying to slash his competitions SEO. Take a look at his site: