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Two Letter Words

Two Letter Words explores the combination of abstracted geometric letterforms and the resulting words and marks they create.

• First Edition of 250
• 2 colors, primary blue and red
• 32 pages
• Saddle stitched with red staples
• Mohawk Via paper

Purchase at 5x7

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Join us for a holiday bash at Unison, debuting Alex Fuller's (that's me) new fabric design and art print "Shapes".

November 29, 2012

2000 West Fulton Street
Studio F-109
Chicago, IL 60612


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Ship Shape

Come to the Unison Studio+Store for an event debuting our first artist collaborations: ANCHORS by Cody Hudson + SHAPES by Alex Fuller. Shop the seafaring-inspired and confetti-colored bedding, pillows and posters at 20% off during the event. Meet the designers over drinks and lite fare.

APRIL 11th 6:00-8:00pm at Unison / 2000 W Fulton St, F-109

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Unison + Fab

Is your current bedding situation totally uncool? Do you ever stare at your duvet before plunging into it and say to yourself, "duvet, more like poo-veh." Well, have I got a solution for you! I recently designed some radical geometric patterns for Unison to brighten up your bedroom. And it's all on sale now at Fab!

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Alex Fuller

It's that time again. The good old portfolio site redesign. Many designers dread it, I love it. Just keep it simple folks!

I started my redesign not with design but with technology. There are so many amazing portfolio templates out there, it seemed crazy to design and build something from scratch. I landed on Cargo. I found a site I love and basically copied it. A little CSS, a little uploading and done. 

Say hello to the new

And now a word from our sponsors
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Peep This

A few weeks ago Elizabeth Gilmore from Design Bureau dropped by the Post Family studio to chat and photograph my favorite little objects. Check out the article here.