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The Post Family

Everything is for the growth of our family members and community by supplying them with the resources and inspiration to accomplish their individual goals.


The Post Family was born in 2007 on a beautiful spring in the small town of Chicago. It’s a resource, gallery, letterpress & screenprinting studio, experimental music venue and a creative incubator awarded and critically applauded by the art and design world. And it’s named after a Christmas card, found mysteriously one day in Grand Rapids, MI.

The Post Family is also a group of seven guys who really like each other. They make stuff, and they work really hard. They come from all across the country and all different backgrounds, from different schools and dozens of nine-to-five jobs. They came together to support each other’s passions – as individuals, as a group, as community members – in their own space on their own terms. As a family.

Pretty soon, the Post Family and it members' work kept popping up in magazines like Print, Communication Arts, HOW, and Readymade, plus design blogs like Apartment Therapy and Swissmiss. In 2009, the Family website won Best Art & Design Blog from Chicago Magazine. Then came the growth spurt – the Family started publishing books through Post Press, scored some commissioned fine art and creative consulting work, raised almost $90K on Kickstarter, and participated in the Levi Printmaking Workshop in San Francisco.

Today, the group has spoken at academic institutions across the country, including every college-level arts institution in Chicago. Their Space – The Family Room – hosts regular showcases (from painting to collage, photography to prints to you-name-it), plus parties, potlucks, and experimental music showcases. And their mission hasn’t changed. "Everything,” says the group, “is for the growth of our family and community.”

These seven don’t sleep much, they love what they do, and their real moms are all real proud. Welcome to the Family.

Favorite Writing Utensils

  • Rod - Pentel .7mm mechanical pencil
  • Chad - Pigma Graphic 1
  • David - Yellow Lamy Safari
  • Davey - Bic Round Stic Med/Moy USA
  • Sam - Grey Stabilo
  • Alex - Furst
  • Scott - Copic Multiliner SP

Favorite Local

  • Rod - Artisan Cellar
  • Chad - Farmer's Pride Cafe
  • David - Hannah’s Bretzel
  • Davey - Uncle Mike's Place (Chi) | Sudička (Praha)
  • Sam - The Publican
  • Alex - Urban Belly
  • Scott - Feed

Favorite Dance Move

  • Rod - Not dancing
  • Chad - Top Rock
  • David - The Human Centipede
  • Davey - toss-up b/w jit & juke
  • Sam - Harlem Shake
  • Alex - Sitting and watching intently
  • Scott - The Twist

Favorite Rock Album

  • Rod - Sonic Youth SYR2: Slaapkamers Met Slagroom
  • Chad - Roll Down by Jason Adasiewicz
  • David - Frank’s Wild Years
  • Davey - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exloding In Your Mind Vol.1 - Cosmic Space Music
  • Sam - Dark Side of The Moon
  • Alex - Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records
  • Scott - Kid A

Family Members

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